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Pembrokeshire           is situated    on    the    west    coast    of Wales   and   is   only   32   miles   away   from   Ireland -   across   the   Irish   Sea.   It's   a   land   filled   with   legend   and magic,   and   has   an   irresistible   quality   that   pulls   the   visitor back   time   and   time   again.   The   truly   magnificent   coastline just   has   to   be   'walked'   to   be   enjoyed.   The   beaches   in   this part    of    Pembrokeshire    are    completely    unspoiled    and provide a relaxing and peaceful holiday away from it all! Knock    Farm    is    only    five    miles    from    this    beautiful Pembrokeshire   coast,   through   country   roads   flanked   with hedgerows   abundant   with   wild   flowers.   Barely   10   minutes drive   away   from   the   farm   are   the   unspoiled   beaches   of Little   Haven,   Broad   Haven,   and   Nolton   Haven,   situated fairly   close   to   each   other,   like   pearls   on   a   string! They   are all   very   different   in   character,   each   providing   access   to the Coastal Pathway.
The nearby islands of Ramsey, Skokholm, Skomer and Grassholm are accessible to visitors. Boat trips to the islands are available from St Martin's Haven and Dale, both of which are about 30 minutes journey by car from the farm. John or I will provide you with any information you may need in order to book your trip. Please bear in mind that these islands are wildlife sanctuaries, and therefore a code of conduct applies.
Wherever you choose to explore in Pembrokeshire, Knock Farm will always welcome you 'home'.
Knock Farm

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